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Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire SteelBook edition and preorder bonuses for Europe ⊟

Though Europe gets the new ‘mons a week later than the rest of the world, if you preorder the games there, you’ll receive special SteelBook packaging, elevating you above the plastic casing plebes in other regions.

The official Nintendo UK store is throwing Primal Kyogre and Groudon figures with their respective preorders, as is retailer GAME. It looks like ShopTo is including Torchic keyrings with reservations for standard editions for the game — not sure how you get the other keyrings, but they are things that exist!

PREORDER Pokemon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire, upcoming games

Why is UK getting all the good stuff?!

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me and my brother spent about twenty minutes in B&Q today taking pictures of all the weird, pretentious names for colours in the paint aisle

my personal favourite was soft pelican

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Bob’s Burgers #1 Sells Out Of More Than 23,000 Copies | Bleeding Cool

Hitting stores today is the first issue of Dynamite’s new series Bob’s Burgers based on the Fox animated television show and done by the animators. We’ve gotten word that they have already sold out of the 23,790 issues, which according to Dynamite CEO Nick Barrucci was already well above their normal over-printing percentage.

Along with this, they have announced a second printing with a new cover by Devin Roth. The print run for the second printing has been set at 1,800 copies and will hit stores the same day as the second issue of the series.

But you can still buy copies (physical or digital editions) here!


recently i was approached by boom studios with an offer to do an ADVENTURE TIME COMIC COVER, and i jumped on the chance to be a part of a series that ive always enjoyed a whole dang lot

after submitting three potential designs we went with my personal favorite, the one with a big ol nod to m.c. escher. even if it doesnt get chosen as an official cover i still had a lot of fun with the design ! and id imagine if escher was still around to see it hed say something like “how did i get here” and “whats going on”. haha classic escher


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